Technology Consulting

Businesses in all sectors rely on Technology Consultants to solve diverse business challenges, achieve business objectives, and accelerate growth.

Technology Consultants play an important role in how these challenges are solved and how the diverse objectives are met. They use technology to transform the businesses of clients and keep pace with the changing world of technology. They also help businesses better utilise existing technologies and processes. For example, making customer journey more efficient and enjoyable, helping to seamlessly deploy a new technology or helping to integrate a newly acquired business.

As a Technology Consultant your role will involve developing innovative solutions that will drive growth, resolving diverse client issues and challenges, troubleshooting and reporting. You will also be responsible for providing advice, recommendations and guidance on IT technologies, services, and systems and processes which will allow businesses and clients become more efficient, smarter and more profitable. 

Who is it for?

This Technology Consulting course is designed for entry-level or mid-level professionals who want to get into Technology Consulting and influence business solutions.

What you will learn

•Technology Sourcing & Commercial Management Practices
•Understanding Analytical Solutions
•Governance and Best Practices
•Delivering Complex Transformation Programmes
•Integrating New Technology and Solutions
•Improving Process Efficiency

High Impact Methodology

•Introductory Training (Week 1-2)
•Mentoring and Coaching (Week 3-10)
•Practical Live and Workplace Skills (Week 3-10)
•Work Experience via Live Projects and Business Cases (Week 3-10)
•CV Review and LinkedIn Optimisation
•Job Search and Interview Preparation
•On the Job Support (1 month)

This course will provide you with the necessary skills, knowledge, experience, confidence, and something to talk about in your interviews. This will improve your chances of transitioning into a fantastic role.

Course Price: £550 (VAT Inclusive)