Agile Fundamentals

The Agile Fundamentals course is for anyone who wants to take their first step in a Product Ownership or Project Management career path by attaining a certification that employers around the world respect and value. The course is designed for entry-level or mid-level professionals who want to understand Agile Methodology, those who want to support change and those who want to improve business processes and product development.

The course is suitable for teams transitioning to Scrum, members of Scrum teams, Product Owners, Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Business Change Managers. It is also suitable for professionals looking to start a new career, make a career change or become a Scrum Master.

The first step to getting certified and getting a job is exploring the Scrum framework in detail, understanding the Scrum framework, lifecycle, principles, and practices, and gaining some work experience. We offer a 3 months’ work experience where we will guide you and get you ready to pass the online test conducted by Scrum Alliance. Certifications to consider include:


• Professional Scrum Product Owner I

• Professional Scrum Product Owner II

• Professional Scrum Product Owner III

• Professional Agile Leadership (PAL I)


What you will learn

•What is Agile Methodology?

• Agile Software Development

• Benefits of Agile Methodology

• Scrum, Scrum Team, Scrum Values

• Events and Artefacts

• Waterfall vs Agile

• Self-Managing Teams

• Facilitation/Leadership Styles

• Forecasting and Release Planning

• Product Value

• Product Backlog Management

• Emergent Software Development

• Managing Technical Risk

• Continuous Quality


High Impact Methodology

•Introductory Training (Week 1-2)

•Mentoring and Coaching (Week 3-10)

•Practical Live and Workplace Skills (Week 3-10)

•Work Experience via Live Projects and Business Cases (Week 3-10)

•CV Review and LinkedIn Optimisation

•Job Search and Interview Preparation

•On the Job Support (1 month)


The business case you will be working on will provide you with the necessary skills, knowledge, experience, confidence, and something to talk about in your interviews. This will improve your chances of transitioning into a fantastic role.

Training Career Path (Job Roles)

• Associate Scrum Master

• Scrum Master

•Scrum Manager

• Agile Project Manager

• Agile Product Owner

• Agile Delivery Lead

• Agile Consultant

• Agile Coach

• Senior Agile Coach

• Management Consultant

• Project Manager

•Project Management Officer (PMO)


Course Price: £600/$800 (VAT Inclusive)