Frontend Development

Our frontend development bootcamp is an immersive, hands-on and intensive training running for 24 weeks.

What this course offers

  1. Hands-on micro skilling exercises to learn CS fundamentals and practical developer skills.
  2. 5 real life professional projects, with mentorship to master backend skills in an actual developer environment.
  3. Well-structured immersive workshops and live sessions from industry seasoned professionals.
  4. Project-backed portfolio on Github to impress recruiters.
  5. In-built career assistance to get your profile ready and guide while applying for roles.

Objectives of the bootcamp

  1. At the end of this bootcamp, students should be able to:
  2. Prove the necessary skills to build client-side applications using ReactJs and tools common in its ecosystem.
  3. Build client-side web applications with exciting features using CSS, HTML and Javascript.
  4. Understand and implement State Management Libraries (Redux).
  5. Learn to test, debug and deploy backend applications using CI/CD pipelines.

This course will provide you with the necessary skills, knowledge, experience, confidence, and something to talk about in your interviews. This will improve your chances of transitioning into a fantastic role.

Learning Path

Weeks 1-2: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Fundamentals

  1. Introduction to HTML and CSS
  2. Basic web page structure and design
  3. Understanding the Box Model and positioning
  4. Responsive web design with media queries
  5. Introduction to JavaScript and its syntax
  6. Variables, data types, operators, and control flow
  7. Functions and arrays
  8. Introduction to the DOM and working with elements
  9. Basic DOM manipulation with JavaScript.


Weeks 3-4: Advanced JavaScript Concepts and ReactJS Introduction

  1. Object-oriented programming in JavaScript
  2. Working with prototypes and constructors
  3. Scope and closures
  4. Asynchronous JavaScript and callbacks
  5. Introduction to ReactJS and its benefits
  6. Setting up a ReactJS development environment
  7. Introduction to JSX syntax
  8. Creating and rendering components in ReactJS
  9. Handling events in ReactJS


Weeks 5-8: ReactJS Components, State, and Routing

  1. ReactJS component lifecycle and its methods
  2. Working with state and props in ReactJS
  3. Handling forms and user input in ReactJS
  4. Conditional rendering in ReactJS
  5. ReactJS routing and navigation
  6. Creating multi-page applications with ReactJS routing


Weeks 9-12: Redux and Advanced ReactJS Concepts

  1. Introduction to Redux and its benefits
  2. Managing state with Redux
  3. Redux middleware and asynchronous actions
  4. Advanced ReactJS concepts including:
  5. React hooks, context API, and memoization
  6. Higher-order components (HOCs)
  7. Working with APIs and asynchronous data
  8. Unit testing ReactJS components with Jest


Weeks 13-16: Advanced Redux and Full-Stack Development

  1. Advanced Redux concepts including:
  2. Immutability and selectors
  3. Redux toolkit
  4. Building a full-stack web application with ReactJS and Node.js
  5. Working with databases using MongoDB
  6. RESTful API design and development
  7. Authentication and authorization with JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
  8. Deploying a full-stack application to a live server


Weeks 17-20: Server-Side Rendering and Advanced Full-Stack Development

  1. Introduction to server-side rendering with Next.js
  2. Building a server-side rendered ReactJS application
  3. Advanced full-stack development concepts including:
  4. Real-time web applications with WebSockets
  5. Microservices architecture with Docker and Kubernetes
  6. Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) with GitHub Actions
  7. Performance optimization techniques for web applications


Weeks 21-24: Final Project

  1. Designing and building a complex ReactJS application
  2. Implementing advanced features using ReactJS and Redux
  3. Deploying the ReactJS application to a live server
  4. Presenting the project to the class and receiving feedback



Course Price: £1,200/$1,500 (VAT Inclusive)