Cyber Security

Cybercrime damages cost the world $3 trillion in 2015 and around $6 trillion in 2020. Internet users have increase exponentially in the last decade and according to a Statistica report, in 2025, the total number of connected devices in the world will be approximately 75.44 billion.  These include laptops, tablets, phones, smart watches, cars, etc.

The rise in online and contactless sales has also increased several industries and company’s exposure to risk. As such, companies now collect more data than ever before. This comes with benefits and challenges. One of the challenges include data breach also known as information compromise (phishing attacks, ransomware attacks, crypto jacking, stolen data, accidentally emailing out sensitive information, etc).

Data breach can negatively impact and interrupt business operations in any industry, and this can be very costly and damaging. Hence, the need for Cyber Security Professionals.

What you will learn

This Cyber Security Bootcamp (which incorporates hands-on practical work and practice-based learning) will provide you with the knowledge and practical expertise to evaluate, design and build security systems that protect networks and data from cyber-attacks. The course will help to prepare you for a variety of opportunities in the field of technology and cyber security. You will learn the following:

Information Systems and Digital Technology

•Architecture and Design

•Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities


•Operations and Incident Response

•Technology Risk Identification and Assessment

•Cyber Incident Response

•Business Continuity Management

•Governance, Risk, and Compliance

These are some certification paths to consider: 

•CompTIA Security+

•Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) Certification

•Certified Information Systems Auditor® (CISA)

•AWS Security Fundamentals

Training Career Path (Job Roles)

Several companies are currently looking to combat cyber risks, improve their cyber security architecture, and culture.  Also, defined by its rapid development, this field is an area that is full of opportunities.

•Cyber Security Risk Analyst

•Cyber Security Analyst

•Cyber Security Consultant

•Cyber Security Officer

•Security and Information Risk Advisor

•Information Security Analyst

•Information Security Manager

•Risk Analyst 

Course Price: £600/$800 (VAT Inclusive)