Backend Development

Our backend development bootcamp is an immersive, hands-on and intensive training running for 24 weeks.

What this course offers

  1. Hands-on micro skilling exercises to learn CS fundamentals and practical developer skills.
  2. 5 real life professional projects, with mentorship to master backend skills in an actual developer environment.
  3. Well-structured immersive workshops and live sessions from industry seasoned professionals.
  4. Project-backed portfolio on Github to impress recruiters.
  5. In-built career assistance to get your profile ready and guide while applying for roles.

Objectives of the bootcamp

  1. At the end of this bootcamp, students should be able to:
  2. Prove the necessary skills to build server-side applications and APIs using NodeJs and tools common in its ecosystem.
  3. Build server-side web applications and APIs with exciting features.
  4. Develop a scalable and reliable backend web application that can handle high volume concurrent connections, which is the need of modern day web.
  5. Build applications using asynchronous programming and event-driven design patterns.
  6. Learn to test, debug and deploy backend applications using CI/CD pipelines.

This course will provide you with the necessary skills, knowledge, experience, confidence, and something to talk about in your interviews. This will improve your chances of transitioning into a fantastic role.

Learning Path

  1. Introduction to backend engineering and tools common in its ecosystem.
  2. Building a RESTful API with NodeJs and no NPM Module.
  3. Building a CLI application with NodeJs and no NPM Module.
  4. Debugging, Testing and study of more NodeJs basic modules.
  5.  NPM and study of 20+ NPM modules
  6.  Light touch to CI/CD planning and config.
  7. Applying Microservices architecture and tools.

Course Price: £1,200/$1,500 (VAT Inclusive)