About Us

Our Mission is to Build a Pipeline of Tech and Non Tech Talents, while our Vision is to Become the Most Impactful Edtech and Career Development Company in the world.


Career Development

There are currently around 70,000 Project Management roles, 50,000 Data Analyst roles, 45,000 Business Analyst roles, 40,000 Product Management roles, 40,000 Digital Marketing roles, 40,000 User Experience (UX) roles, 25,000 Cyber Security roles, 20,000 Software Engineering roles and 15,000 Operations Management roles available in the UK. These roles are also on the rise in Canada, Ireland, UAE, Germany and other countries. Other roles on the rise include Technology Consulting, Web Development, Information Security, Network Engineering, Technical Engineering, IT Service Management, Investment Banking, Operations Management, Business Development and Marketing Management roles.

We inspire and empower you to unlock your potential and help you transition into an impactful tech or non tech career. We do this by mentoring, coaching, training and branding you.  Specifically, we help you develop the necessary employability skills, knowledge, experience, competencies, and confidence needed to successfully navigate the labour market or make a career transition. Our goal is to help you fulfil your potential and lead a fulfilling life. 


Recruitment Services

We are a niche recruiter and have recruited for several companies. We provide a unique, flexible and unbeatable service for employers to ensure a better-quality field of work ready professionals. If you are also looking to increase your diversity hiring, then, get in touch with us.  

Personal Branding

If you are job hunting you need an outstanding achievement-based CV, Cover Letter and a LinkedIn Profile. Your brand is a perception maintained by someone other than you; and success comes from self-branding. We help improve your personal brand to get you more interviews and advance your career via our personal branding services.