Talent and Organisational Development

We provide individuals, teams, and organisations in the Tech Industry as well as the Private and Public Sector with professional bespoke training, consulting and advisory services to improve their performance and help them gain or sustain a competitive advantage. We assist them exploit their current competences, strengths and capabilities as well as explore new opportunities. Our training, consulting and advisory services are designed to provide up-to-date knowledge on Organisational Culture, Strategic Leadership, Strategic Change, and Strategic Management.

Creating a High-Performance Culture

Organisational culture, once established, has important influences on the strategy of an organisation. Although a judiciously shaped strategy may make or break a company, the influence of the organisational culture is paramount because it may make or break the strategy. Importantly, a weak organisational culture is a recipe for inefficiency, poor performance and below-par service delivery. We will look at the challenges posed by local cultural values and norms and discuss their impact on your organisational strategy, processes, and the delivery of service in your organisation.

Thus, this interactive training is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of the complexities of creating a high-performance culture to succeed in an increasingly dynamic environment. Our overarching aim is to provide insight in and understanding of the management challenges associated with developing and fostering a high-performance work culture. 

Programme Content

Why Organisational Culture Matters

Why a Culture Might need Changing

Impact of Founders and Managers

The Influence of Organisational Culture on Strategy

The Influence of Organisational Culture on Managerial Behaviours

Culture, Competitive Advantage, Performance and Service Delivery

What is a High-Performance Culture?

Characteristics of a High-Performance Culture

Benefits of a High-Performance Culture

How to Create a High-Performance Culture

Strategic Leadership

Strategic leadership is the ability to shape or influence the decisions made within organisations over time in a bid to deliver high value.  It involves inspiring, managing, and motivating employees in an organisation. 

To solve problems and deliver on organisational goals, leaders need to interpret the world around them with fresh insight and vision. Strategic leaders are able to visualise, plan, lead, and deploy resources needed to execute strategies successfully.

Strategic leadership goes beyond the Chief Executive Officer or Managing Director. It encompasses the whole team heading up the organisation. Ultimately, it entails leaders identifying and delivering the purpose of the organisation.

Our training is crafted to help develop and improve the leadership capabilities of attendees so they can manage their teams, departments, or their organisations more effectively. 


Programme Content

What is Strategic Leadership

The Importance of Strategic Leadership

The Advantages of Strategic Leadership

Qualities and Characteristics of a Strategic Leader

Functions of a Strategic Leader

How to Become a Strategic Leader

Making Strategic Decisions

Practical Insights per Achieving Your Goals and Objectives

Managing Strategic Change

Firms operating in diverse industries are confronted with complex technical issues, frequent changes and increased competitive intensity. They face frequent changes in customer preferences, technological innovations and regulations which can result in changes in the strategic goals. Thus, the need for balance between conflicting activities, behaviours and outcomes is prevalent in the Tech Industry. Effective change management can help you to achieve your medium to long term strategic objectives

Our training on change management is designed to equip and enhance your ability to lead change. 

Programme Content

An overview of Organisational Change

The need for Change and Organisational Renewal

Revolutionary Change, Evolutionary Change or Continuous Change?

The Process of Change

Dealing with Resistance to Change and The Role of Leadership 

Adapting to Environmental Changes and Maximising New Opportunities

Exploiting Existing Products/Processes While Exploring New Opportunities

Leading from the Middle

This middle managers’ personal and professional development course is designed to equip middle managers and mid-career professionals looking to improve their knowledge, skills, performance, confidence or aspiring for a senior management role. 

The course will improve their ability to lead evolutionary, revolutionary, or continuous change. 

It is specifically designed to offer clarity, equip, and help improve their personal and professional effectiveness. 


Programme Content

Managing Your Career and Building Your Personal Brand

Reviewing Your Skills Portfolio and Personal Profile Analysis

Middle Management’s Contribution to Strategy

Divergent and Integrative Roles of Middle Managers

Managing Teams (Skills, Competencies and Capabilities Required, Conflict, Team Dynamics)

Managing Communication, Information, Time, and Resources

Values, Ethics, and Integrity Issues in the Workplace

Building Key Relationships

Managing Strategy

A company’s strategy is its plan for victory over rivals and competitors while strategic management is the process of formulating and implementing a strategy. Strategy encapsulates the decisions, actions, direction, and scope of an organisation over the long-term. It also involves the allocation of resources to enhance performance and achieve set goals. Strategy focuses on the critical issues in organisations, and leading people through difficult, and often uncomfortable changes.

Anticipating and responding to change with appropriate strategic choices are a major challenge of management and leadership. Effective leadership can help to bring people with you and ensure their help and support to achieve your strategic objectives.

Programme Content

The Fundamentals of Strategic Management

Evolution of Strategic Management

Ingredients of a Successful Strategy

The Strategy Process (Formation, Implementation, and Change)

Scope and Levels of Strategy

Making Strategic Decisions

Building Competitive Advantages in Dynamic Environments

Managing your Career

More than ever before, it is important to take charge of your career and future so that you can find the fulfilment that you deserve. Following a pattern or proven strategy can be helpful in achieving this fulfilment be it job security, promotion, or career advancement.

In this highly practical course, you will discover and learn how to manage your career and gain the job security, promotion, and career advancement that you desire and deserve.


Programme Content

Research and Self-Assessment

Building Your Personal Brand

Reviewing Your Skills Portfolio

Personal Profile Analysis (Personal SWOT Analysis)

Reskilling and Upskilling for Promotion or Career Pivot

Promoting Yourself

The course is for mid-level professionals looking to take charge of their career and future. It is also for those looking to improve their knowledge, skills, and confidence.

Who is it for?

Tech Industry: CEOs, COOs, Mid-Career Professionals and Executives, HR Directors, Supervisors and Team Leaders in the Tech Industry.

Private Sector: CEOs, COOs, Mid-Career Professionals and Executives, HR Directors, Supervisors and Team Leaders in the Private Sector.

Public Sector: Directors, Deputy Directors, Special Advisers, Mid-Level Civil Servants and all other Officers and Managers in the Public Sector.

Delivery Methodology

Pragmatic training sessions, team building activities and videos as a learning aid.

Customisation Option

Our interactive trainings retain the flexibility to diverse team and organisational needs. The training programmes can be tailored to suit your team or organisation, upon consultation.

Expected Result for Individuals

Improved Understanding of the Organisational Context

Improved Strategic Thinking and Strategic Awareness

Improved Managerial and Leadership Skills

Improved Morale, Motivation, Confidence and Productivity

Improved Ability to Drive Innovation and Cultural Change

Expected Result for Teams and Organisations

A Well-informed, Engaged and Dedicated Talent Base of Managers and Supervisors

Enthusiastic and Motivated Teams

Organisational Champions and Teams Equipped with Improved Knowledge and Skills

Improved Capacity to deal Confidently with Cultural or Strategic Change

Improved Engagement and Staff Retention

Course Price Per Delegate: £250/N200,000